Our sales team is here to show you the best new vehicles on the market, all with customizable features and affordable payment options. We have a variety of new inventory just waiting for you to test drive. See all the new models we have to offer below.

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  • 2 passenger electric cart

  • Electronic braking system 

  • Upgraded wheels and tires

  • Windshield 

  • Ball washer 

  • Cooler 


  • Gasoline engine

  • Upgraded wheels and tires 

  • Standard 2 passenger golf cart with built in bag holders


  • 2018 Cushman Hauler 1200

  • Dump bed

  • Windshield 

  • Upgraded wheels and tres


The Torpedo is equipped with a 136cc pull start engine, adjustable pedals, adjustable speed control, rear wheel drive and a lap belt. *Best suited for ages 6 and up*

Mudhead 208R

The Mudhead 208R offers features like 208cc electric start engine, horn, reverse mechanism, headlights, pull start, all wheel fenders and an adjustable driver seat. *Best suited for ages 7-11*

GTS 150

The GTS 150 is equipped with a 150cc engine, head lights, electric start, and much more! This vehicle can reach speeds of 40 mph! The GTS 150 is available in red, blue, orange and black. *Best suited for ages 16 and up* Call us for pricing details!

GTS 150 Platinium

The GTS Platinum is also equipped with a 150cc engine, head lights and electric start but what sets it apart from the GTS 150 is the suspension features that assist in comfort and handling extreme terrain with ease. *Best suited for ages 16 and up* Call us for pricing details!

R-150 LUTV

The Hammerhead R-150 is a light-duty, two-wheel drive utility vehicle. The R-150 features a stylish exterior and spacious interior. There is not a more affordable UTV on the market with this much durability, quality and comfort. Color options: Blue, Black or Red